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Authentic Wolfskin Headdress

My wolf headdress pieces are made from authentic wolf hides with professionally mounted heads. I have been creating these pieces for approximately 14 years. Each wolf headdress is unique and comes with its own personality. Ulfhednar Vikink Wolfskin headdress warriors who were also holy men would wear nothing but a wolf headdress into battle. There are MANY tribal people that used wolf headdress pieces similar to what i make today. In the old way they would not have had the mounted heads, they may have had a skull inserted into the hide, or just an empty flap. I can create anything you wish for the spiritual work you do. Due to the high value of these pieces I DO accept payment plans, simply message me for details. Click the button above to order your wolfskin headdress. Below are samples of my previous work.
White wolf headdress
Wolfskin headdress ulfhednar
Wolf headdress native american made ulfhednar
Black wolf headdress
Ulhednar wolfskin headdress
Wolf headdress Native American Made
Wolf headdress native american made
Ulfhednar wolfskin headdress native made
Viking wolfskin headdress ulfhednar
Authentic wolfskin headdress native american made