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Silver capped claws ~ custom claw capping

  • Sterling silver capped claw mountain lion
    3" Mountain Lion capped Claw
  • Sterling silver capped tooth buffalo tooth
    Capped buffalo tooth
  • sterling silver capped wolf tooth
    Authentic Wolf tooth, silver capped
  • sterling silver capped tooth wolf
    Close up of silver capped wolf tooth.
Sterling silver capped claw mountain lion
3" Mountain Lion capped Claw
We are proud to offer CUSTOM claw and tooth capping using genuine .925 sterling silver and various authentic stones. NOT reproduction or imitation. Our shop does NOT use pre-molded caps that most other online stores use. Each piece is unique. You can send us your personal claws OR we can cap one of ours that we have on inventory.  Please contact us at thecraftycrawford@yahoo.com for a quote. Please remember to include a photo of your claw against a flat ruler. If you would like stones we need to know which stones/colors you would like and if possible a drawing of what you are expecting as far as layout to give you a proper quote.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for construction of your piece after arrival/order.

My brother who is the silversmith, is NOT enrolled so these items are NOT Native American worked and or made.

We are not offering repairs at this time.