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Hands on Art classes Coming Spring/Summer 2021 Dates  to be announced. If interested please e-mail me at Thecraftycrawford@yahoo.com to be added to the e-mail list.
All Classes taught locally in Boise, Idaho.
There is an all Nation discount on all art classes.

Earth Pigment Painting

This painting style has been around since the dawn of time and belongs to all people. It has been found on every continent except Antarctica. Learn how to grind, mix and paint using traditional stick, stone and bone tools.

Bring your own item to paint or purchase a rabbit hide or drum from my store to paint in advance.

Class price includes all paint, hide glue and tools to apply it to your art, price does NOT include item to paint on.  $100 per person approx 2 hour course including a presentation on the history of Pigment Painting and samples of cave art from around the world.

Educational Presentations

Traditional storytelling, history of indigenous art mediums and Two-spirit issues I do presentations in the Boise area.

Price is determined upon requested topic, length of presentation and location. Proceeds from these presentations are donated to a Non-Profit of your choice:

Naraya Cultural Preservation Committee

  The Montana Two-Sipirit Society

                                        My Tribe: The United Cherokee Aniyunwiya Nation