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Buffalo robe brain tanned earth pigment painted


I can not list or sell my bear or cougar products on ebay the only item for sale in this is the buffalo robe


This full winter fur quality buffalo robe has a buffalo hunt painted on it I used a blue mica pigment that sparkles when the sun hits it just right. Red and yellow are made from Ochre. White is an Oxidine, and the Black is made from charcoal. 


Item measurements: approx 6ft by 6ft measurement includes tail


Weighs 14 lbs EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT wonderful robe amazing to wrap up in


Dark chocolate exterior fully furred no holes #1 prime winter robe


due to high value buyer must sign for delivery



Last picture in this listing is a photo of the actual artist.
ARTIST NAME: Aodhàn Crawford
TRIBAL AFFILIATION: Aniyunwiya Tsalagi (Cherokee)
Your item comes with Certificate of Native American Made/Celtic Made Authenticity
Portions of this sale are sent to my tribe and various communities I am involved with. I also donated items to various prisons to help fund their Native American programs and help those who can not help themselves. Inedible meat is donated to zoos and local raptor rehab facilities. I also carry real wolf, mountain lion and bear items on my direct website but they're not allowed for sale through this venue.
You are buying directly from the artist.
I am also Clan member of Clan Crawford and Clan Fraser of Lovatt.


I am an Enrolled Cherokee, however I am adopted Lakota and I have been taught by many plains teachers how to paint both rawhide and actual hides. Cherokee people did not traditionally do these sort of robes, these skills were taught to me by my Plains native teachers. Your robe will still come with a certificate stating the art is genuine Native American Made. Just understand that thought I am Cherokee this is Lakota style art.


From what I was taught:


Traditionally women painted Geometric designs and wore them. With the exception of the Warbonnet pattern, that was usually painted by women for a man's robe.


Men traditionally painted story/winter count robes.


I am Two-Spirit, meaning I was born female and I am now male. In white society I am known as a transgender person. What does this have to do with my work?


For these particular pieces... EVERYTHING.


In almost every native culture Two-Spirit people were considered sacred, learning both Male and Female roles within the tribe.


I have the unique ability to do both Male and Female paintings on robes, and even combine the two.


Robes are of high importance in the Native way. Firstly warriors would never paint their Tipi with their war victories... It made it too easy as to which tipi to attack first to take out the strongest (if you were an enemy) So robes were the #1 way to wear your story.


Specific robes were worn for diplomacy, to help heal the sick, or promote a healthy pregnancy. Robes are an incredible source of power and still are today.


The women usually never revealed what the geometric meanings were EXCEPT to the wearer of the robe. This is what gave the robe it's protection. I hold that secret, know your robes meanings will never be revealed to anyone but you.


This robe is painted with traditional paints. This means I mix it myself and tattoo and press it into the hide with sticks. No paintbrush no chemicals... Just traditional hide glue and crushed rocks. 



I also make authentic wolf robes and bear skin robes but neither are allowed on eBay.


Please feel free to ask me any questions

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