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Glass wampum strap Blue white red black


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This item is Proudly Native American Made and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity stating my enrollment and clan information. I am also a member of the Native American Arts & Craft Association.

Portions of each sale go to my local community, tribe etc.

Artist: Aodhàn Crawford

Tribe: Cherokee (Comes with certificate of authenticity)


This is made with Matte Glass Wampum beads. These are the smallest size wampum replica beads on the market and I have used White, red, blue and black beads on this item. Story translation will come with belt purchase.


Commercial tanned elk skin tabs and tassels

Length of item is approx 46" of beaded wampum by approx 1 1/4" wide, 51" from tab to tab, buckskin ties are apporx 10" each side. Over all length of 71"

can also be used for bandolier bags, possibles, quivers or any other sort of strap.


Please note these beads Glass not genuine wampum.

Purpose mistake: Each authentic wampum item I create will have a flaw. It could be just one random bead out of place or a small mistake in the pattern. A traditional weaver does this on purpose because nothing in life is perfect except for creator. I am not able to create a perfect wampum piece because it is just not done in this way according to my teachings. Look closely at the display photos, can you see the mistake?

It is there but not obvious ;)

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