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Custom Ghillie Brogues Steer hide with hardsole (Local sales only)


MUST BE MADE IN PERSON DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU ARE LOCAL or willing to fly here to have these made.

These stunning ghillie brogues are perfect for ANY scottish occasion. Shown in the first photo by my good friend Kevin they are a stunning display with your kilt and hose. 

Choose between Black, Brown or distressed brown. You can have me tool them for an additional fee. Each hole has an eyelit, this keeps the hole from stretchign over time and makes for easy lacing. Handmade to your foot these are local sales only.

To make these shoes we will meet a total of 2-3 times. Please allow an hour for each meeting. The first meeting I take measurements to your foot and cut the pattern. Then I take it home and dye and tool it. The second meeting I sew up the back of the brougue and we place the hard sole on the bottom.

This is traditionally how these shoes were made. A craftsman would come to your home (today usually a public place such as a park or resturant) and make your shoes, swapping stories of traditional highland lore while work was being done. An amazing piece of history to add to your traditional attire.

I live locally in the Treasure Valley Area and or I am flying to Boise to have these suckers made!

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