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Wolf paw medicine bag


Each Wolf paw is unique and will vary in color


Bag size is approx. 7" long by 3" wide with a flap You will get a wolf paw medicine bag SIMILAR to the one in the photo, again the color will be =, each paw has it's own features because it came from a genuine wolf.


This is made from an entire wolf legskin, meaning it is fully furred and complete.

There are 4 for sale, each one is from the same wolf and will vary slightly.

Again these are TANNED not dried, there is no smell and the interior has been finished into a leather that will last generations.

These paws came from a Canadian wolf so the item comes with a CITES permit # showing Canadian origin.



A medicine bag is a VERY powerful spiritual item. It should only be bought if you can not make one yourself. For a very long time I refused to sell these items. After discussing it with my teachers and having so many people ask me to make them because they can't I have reconsidered.

I have read the store policies and checked my loal laws I agree that I an purhase this item legally and I agree to the shop policies

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