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Black Bear Headdress Earth Pigment Paints:

$1,499.99 $1,699.99

Almost 6 foot long this Large Idaho Harvested Black bear has been painted with Blue earth pigment paints. This particular paint is a quartz stone base resulting in tiny crystal shimmers in the sunlight. I tattoo and press the paint into the hide using stick and bone tools. This is the oldest form of paint.

All paws and claws this is a beautiful skin for wearing headdress style, draping across your shoulder or sleeping under.

Item will come with a statement of lawful take, as well as the meaing behind the symbols. If you would like to pay an additional fee I can also paint more custom symbols on this piece for you.

I have read the store policies and checked my loal laws I agree that I an purhase this item legally and I agree to the shop policies

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