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Deluxe Custom You pick Crest Leather Tooled Sporran


Custom Designed Sporran Hand tooled. NO Pre-made Stamp or Mass produced commercial pieces here. Each Clan crest I have to hand draw myself and slightly alter due to copyright laws. Which also means these are my own drawings so they also should be respected and not copied.This item comes with a certificate of authenticity stating my Scottish clans and information. Certified Celtic Artist guaranteed.

The one in the photo is a sample of my previous work, you will simply put your clan name and motto in the checkout message. After I get your payment I will message you to ensure I have the correct clan badge and then redesign your Clan Badge (again this is to respect Trademarks and copyrights other artists hold) and I will send you a proof to make sure it is correct. Then The tooling will begin. If you are an Armiger I am happy to tool your arms on your piece and know they will not be reproduced and your rights will be respected.

I use these sporrans for casual to fully formal wear. They ALWAYS get compliments.These sporrans measure:8" Tall by 7" wide and are 2" wide.I can fit:One wallet, car keys, Iphone etc in mine and STILL have room to grow.This does NOT come with a belt or chain, it is just the sporran.The back is made to do two things:Attach to a kilt chain OR slide on any belt up to 5" wide.Beautiful antler button closure to top off this one of a kind piece.

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