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Earth Pigment Painted Wolf Headdress Eagle painting

$799.99 $899.99

Item comes with CITES # to prove legal origin.

These are EARTH PIGMENT paints, these must be hand mixed and tattooed onto the hide using bone and sticks, They are NOT burshed on, they are mixed with the hide paste from the animal itself. These are the original paints made from plants, stones, coal and clay. This is the most traditional kind of paint out there and is so rarely used it is becoming a lost art in itself. Unlike acrylics these paints actually stain the leather, resulting in a permanent image. There are hides painted with these paints from the 1800's that are still vibrant today. This is the highest quality of paint available to paint on a hide.

This wolf hide is a MALE wolf measuring 72" long nose to tip of tail, the runes I used are:Protection in travel, peace and aegishjalmur (protection, compass and irresistibly in battle) I also painted an eagle as it sees all and helps the wearer focus on intention. Comes with straps to secure it to your head and waist.

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