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Wolf tooth necklace:


You will get a tooth SIMILAR to that in the photo. Each tooth is unique as these are made by nature and not machine made, if you are concerned please ask for a photo before shipment. Authentic wolf tooth with CITES permit # approx 2.5-3" long Wolf teeth are extremely fragile, they crack all the time, they crack from mositure or lack of moisture in the air, temperatures, elevation levels. I can not guarentee them not to crack. I highly reccomend a wolf claw, it will last longer. Teeth are so fragile, although i seal my teeth I can not fully prevent them from doing what they naturally do. If dropped they chip, please, please, i recomend a claw but people still insist on the teeth. These are purchased at your own risk, if they crackin the mail USPS is really good about refunding but I can not guarentee they wont crack. Due to the nature of the product , at least you know it is real if it does crack because plastic wont do so.

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