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Bear tooth pendant


Tooth size is between 2.5" long you will receive a tooth similar to the tooth in the photo your tooth will be unique as creator makes each bear just like he makes each human slightly different.


Please be advised that teeth can not be guarenteed. Unlike claws teeth will crack and can be easily broken if dropped, worn daily, exposed to water, heat, cold... Basically it will chip, It could be in the mail, it could be the next day, a year from now..... Therefore I can not be held responsible for their care after they leave my hands. If it cracks in the mail I MUST be notified the day it is recieved, the tooth MUST be photographed and mailed back within 3 days to qualify for a refund/exchange.


There will be no exceptions to this policy. A claw will last you MUCH longer in life, please be advised this item is order at your own risk.

I have read and Agree to your shop policies I have checked my laws and it is legal for you to sell me this item

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