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Black wolf headdress: MADE TO ORDER


This listing is for a headdress that will be made for you using a BLACK color wolfskin, meaning the color will be similar to that shown in this photo

This is MADE TO ORDER your item may look different than in the photo, you will be given photos during the building process it will meet the same quality standards I have been making these for over 10 years now.

Don't hesitate to contact me about your item!

Wolf comes with a CITES permit copy for your legal records

Item comes with a certificate of authenticitystating my clan information and tribal enrollment information and your reciept from checkout serves as a legal statement of lawful take

This item is used by many tribal people, in our pow wow circuts there are wolf dancers in the Men's traditional category, as well as those of us who only use these for ceremony

Úlfhéðnar are well beyond Berserkir. They are Óðinn's special warriors, and elite Viking forces. They are known to wear a wolf pelt (in contrast to regular Berserkir who wear a bear pelt), and to be inhabited by the spirit of wolves. Úlfhéðnar are capable of performing feats far beyond the abilities of other warriors. Úlfhéðnar are hamrammir (shape shifters). They don't wear a helmet or a mailcoat, bit their shield in a rage prior to each battle, kill enemies with just one blow, and are immune to fire or iron.

I have checked my laws and it is legal for you to sell me this item

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