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Ulfhednar Wolf headdress w/ Authentic wolf hide:


Wolf comes with a CITES permit copy for your legal records Item comes with a certificate of authenticitystating my clan information and tribal enrollment information and your reciept from checkout serves as a legal statement of lawful take.

Photocredit to the amazing Ulfhednar "Ulfhednarvinlands" of instagram, give him a like you'll love his training videos and pics!!

This is made to order item, takes 2 weeks for me to make this from start to finish. This price is for a common grey wolf hide, black wolves are highly sought after ... But their hides alone in taxidermy quality run about $2,000 BEFORE I'm able to work them into a headdress.

BERSERKER headdress are ALSO available, but not allowed on etsy. Again Bear Headdress items are for sale on my direct website.

As a heads up Úlfhéðna are elite warriors.... You need to have permissions to wear this, it is not a toy.

Úlfhéðnar are well beyond Berserkir. They are Óðinn's special warriors, and elite Viking forces. They are known to wear a wolf pelt (in contrast to regular Berserkir who wear a bear pelt), and to be inhabited by the spirit of wolves. Úlfhéðnar are capable of performing feats far beyond the abilities of other warriors. Úlfhéðnar are hamrammir (shape shifters). They don't wear a helmet or a mailcoat, bit their shield in a rage prior to each battle, kill enemies with just one blow, and are immune to fire or iron.

Without Berserkir and Úlfhéðnar as shock troops, King Haraldr hárfagri would have been unsuccessful in his quest to unify Nóregr (Norway). After all, Úlfhéðnar, were not only the best warriors of the time, they were also the most feared.

The Church, however, has always had a unholy fixation on both Víkingar and wolves. So the clergy quickly claimed Úlfhéðnar (and Berserkir as well) were "Heathen Devils". When Eric Hákonarson decided to embrace Christianity, he therefore outlawed Berserkir and of course, Úlfhéðnar as well. With the Christianization of Iceland, Grágás (medieval Icelandic law code which contained a Christian law section) also sentenced Berserkir and Úlfhéðnar to outlawry.

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