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NOTICE: I am no longer refunding processing fees on canceled or changed orders due to new policies from card processing companies that are refusing to refund their transaction fees. I am still charged regardless if the transaction is canceled or not, this is up to 4% of total fee of your order. Please note if the order is canceled due to the item not being in stock I will refund all fees.

Real bear claws, real wolf claws, real cougar claws. Everything listed on this page is authentic. No plastic, no replicas.

All items are measured around the curl via fabric measuring tape, not against rulers or tape mesuring items.

All items come with a Certificate of authenticity stating my tribal enrollment information and personal signature. No returns on opened or unsealed items, tag must be in place on items that come with a certificate of authenticity.

To place an order without a paypal account please contact me at TheCraftyCrawford@yahoo.com

you MUST read the policies before placing an order and note the disclaimer at the very bottom of every page: http://www.craftycrawford.com/policies


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